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** [bugs:#867] Saros/I session initiation fragile and slow**

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**Created:** Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:22 AM UTC by Alexander Jakobi
**Last Updated:** Tue Oct 18, 2016 07:07 PM UTC
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Currently the session initiation of Saros for IntelliJ is slow and fragile.

A fix should improve the situation to meet the following criteria:

#####1. Session invitations can be reliably started through the GUI
We were not able to initiate a session between a Windows 10 and a Windows 7 
So far it worked to establish a session between a Windows 10 virtual machine 
running on a Windows 10 host system and the host system itself. All the above 
listed issues have been discovered with this setup.
We also had success in creating a session between a Windows 10 machine and a 
Debian Jessie machine.

#####2. No timeouts occur, unless their origin lies outside of Saros' area of 
responsibility (e.g. networking issues)
We experienced problems in the Socks5 networking code:
    "DEBUG 12:28:16,896 [SOCKS5ConnectionResponse-0] (Socks5Transport.java:624) 
[SOCKS5Transport] Start to establish new response connection
WARN  12:28:24,903 [pool-4-thread-1] (Socks5Transport.java:411) 
[SOCKS5Transport] Couldn't accept request but still trying to establish a 
response connection: Could not establish socket with any provided host
ERROR 12:28:25,520 [pool-4-thread-1] (Socks5Transport.java:440) An error 
occurred while establishing a response connection"

#####3. All project resources are completely transferred
######Only Modules
When creating a session it is only possible to do so by sharing a module. It is 
not possible to share a whole project consisting of multiple modules.
It is also not possible to work around this by adding additional modules to the 
running session.

######Only Modules the Host Created Himself
When creating a session it is only possible to work together on a module the 
initiator has created. The following scenario does **not** work:

* User A creates Project1, shares it with user B.
* End the session.
* User B can start a session on Project1 with user A or even a third user C

######File Inconsistencies
When a session is established on a freshly created module the client sees file 
inconsistency warnings because the content of some files of the host has been 
cleared. When resolving these inconsistencies the content gets cleared on the 
client side as well.
There is no real pattern deducible as of yet:

* Happens to open files in the editor of the host as well as to closed ones
* Happens to single files in multi-file projects
* Happens to multiple files in multi-file projects
* Happens to single files in a single-file project

What we know until now is:

* The content is only cleared on the host side
* The content is only cleared when a freshly created module is shared, modules 
that have been used in a Saros session before are not affected

Sometimes it is possible to recover the lost content with Edit > Undo Reload 
from Disk, but it is not always offered. When it is, the content is completely 
recovered, but the client still gets inconsistency warnings. After the client 
resolves them, the warnings are shown again a few seconds later.


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