Please contact me off-list if you would like a version of DQSD that runs on 
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Kim 
Gräsman we have a DQSDTools.dll file that is 64-bit and works in x64 Edition. 
I've put together a crude batch file install for it and I'll provide the whole 
thing to those who need it. 

The mid term goal is to create an msi that can be used to do the install, and a 
longer term goal would be to have a single, platform intelligent, msi that 
would give us a single install for both platforms. But all that will have to 
wait while our day jobs get done for a bit. For the moment, this rough and 
ready batch file is all I could slam out over the weekend. It isn't 
particularly bright, and doesn't give you a choice of where you want to install 
DQSD -- it's going in %ProgramFiles% whether you like it or not. ;) Of course, 
it's just a batch file, with local variables -- change the batch file if you 
need it somewhere else. 


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