I have the cause/effect but can't explain why/what.

Brief Update of Symptom:  DQSD entered specific addresses (i.e.
www.newegg.com) opens additional "blank page" for each entry.

Currently using:

Vista Home Premium 32 Bit SP1 with IE7 in Tabbed Mode.

Problem Cause/Solution:  IE7 was running with "Protected Mode" enabled.
Disabling "Protected Mode" caused DQSD to behave 
as expected when localprefs.js set to:

*  0=new window always [default]
*  1=single window for all
*  2=single window for each search type
reuseBrowserWindowMode = 0;

Note that I had tried disabling all IE7 add-ons as well as various
spyware/adware tools (AVG Free Edition, Spybot Resident Shiels and
Tea=timer) with no luck.

Seems like DQSD did not behave this way when I first upgraded to Vista Sp1.
Maybe a new Vista IE7 security patch? 

Has no one else noticed this?  I mean I like feeling special but
jeeeeezzzzz.... not like this! :)

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