Hi James,

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 20:16, James Nix <ni...@charter.net> wrote:
> I am a little unclear on your description.  Are you saying that with
> launchmode=1, DQSD behaves correctly?

Ah, I forgot to mention the other option... With launchmode=1, DQSD
uses a temporary .html file to launch the browser. and that was
started in UPM, and with an infobar warning about ActiveX activity on
the page.

Interestingly, starting URLs from DQSD directly worked without a hitch.

> Also, it has occurred to me that I am doing one other variation with Vista.
> I use the TWEAKUAC utility  ( http://www.tweak-uac.com/home/ )
> to set the Vista UAC into "Silent" mode to suppress some of the annoying
> "Are you sure...." questions.
> It is not the cause of the problem though as DQSD exhibited the same
> symptoms on a new "clean" Vista install that I completed recently.

OK, good to know, but it sounds like it doesn't help/hinder...

- Kim

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