> Kim pointed me in the right direction and I now have it working to my
> satisfaction with only the following in localsearch.css:
> .clock
> {
>  font-size:15px;
>  text-align:center;
> }

I use a multiline DQSD bar, and wanted to stuff as much info in it as
possible. This is the contents of my localsearch.css:


These are the relevant settings from localprefs.js:

clocklongform  = " EEEE \r\n MMM dd, yyyy \r\n hh:mm A ";
clockshortform = " EEEE \r\n MMM dd, yyyy \r\n hh:mm A ";

This presents within DQSD as the following (though it's centered in
 Feb 13, 2009
   12:06 AM

The real magic (since the specific theme I'm using is centered anyway)
is in the "clockshortform". Without that change it would have been
abbreviated to only the time.


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