I was thinking that if I came across http://www.dqsd.net/ for the  
first time now I would not even try to install it.  The site needs to  
be cleaned up.

E.g. currently it says for the Installation Instructions that you need  
to be using IE 5.5 or newer...and to 'Please let us know if it works  
on various other configurations.' Though further down it says "as of  
version 2.5.0, thanks to Koen Mannaerts code contribution, you should  
now be able to launch Netscape, Opera, or other non-IE browsers using  
the deskbar."

Another small e.g., the first item in the faq  
http://www.dqsd.net/faq.htm says:
"Can I assign a hotkey to it so I don't need to mouse to it?
This feature was added in version 3.0."
What use is that? :-)

I love DQSD and want it to remain vibrant. I think we been doing  
ourselves no favours with the website the last number of years and  
should think about redoing it. What do others think?



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