I don't think I could survive without DQSD. I install it on just about
every computer I touch. For some people, the basic "google search" is
all they need and when they discover it can do more they're thrilled.
For myself, I use DQSD custom searches to manage over 150 services,
applications and other functionality directly. Everything from Plesk to
phpMyAdmin to FTP, text formatting, sorting, conversion...I live in
DQSD, and find mysef WIN+S'ing on every computer I touch.

There is definitely a barrier to entry, though. People wanting to make
it do things beyond the basics have to learn how. We need a simpler
control interface. Simpler configuration (WYSIWYG) for setting
javascript variables - probably best stored in an XML file that's parsed
during load to compose the JS automatically.

It also needs to be more malleable. It should be able to plug into
browsers as a toolbar, desktop objects, web pages and so forth. Creating
a web-page to host the functionality and client-side settings (that may
be saved/preserved to the server as an option) may be the way to go -
and I've started it several times, reimagining the process each time.
It's just not there yet - and some of the functionality (like the
ability to run desktop commands) is getting even harder to implement as
security becomes more of a concern.

That's all a lot of work, though. Who has the time?


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> It's one of the most important applications on my computer.  
> My favorite feature is still the ":" suffix for the mwd 
> search, because I'm constantly checking definitions and 
> usage.  Here's a post from two years ago: 
> http://dblume.livejournal.com/65402.html  If we checked my 
> history usage you'd probably see:
> <term>: 
> <term>
> wik <term>
> yt <term>
> <term> /images
> Seriously, that mwd popup is a thing of unparalleled beauty.  
> It brings me to tears every time mwd changes the format of 
> their page, breaking that search.
> --David
> On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 3:21 AM, <tom.corco...@moonbade.com> wrote:
>       Is the mailing list traffic (handfuls of threads in the 
> last 9 months)
>       as indicator of dqsd's waning popularity I wonder?
>       Have any firefox users played with Ubiquity ?
>       Tom.

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