For years, I've loved the popup feature of the mwd search "mwd <searchterm>
/p" which I alias to "<searchterm>:".  This link includes a picture of how
it used to look:

It is absolutely my favorite feature.  By not opening up a new tab or
window, it was very efficient and nonobtrusive.

Every few months, though, would change the layout of
their page, forcing us to tweak the mwd search to make the popup feature
work again.  This has been going on for years.  The last couple of months, changed it, broke my search, changed it again, making my
search work again (huzzah!), changed it again, and now it's broken again.

I've finally given up on

Does anybody have the bandwidth to create a new dictionary search that opens
a popup window that uses a published (not-ever-changing) API?  How about the
aonaware api?

Here's an example of the actual API our new search would use (try "gcide"
for the dictId, and a word like "internecine" for the word field):

It seems like that would be so much more stable.  (Although I arbitrarily
chose "DefineInDict with gcide" over "Devine", that's the feature I'd be
most interested in.  I don't care about a lot of definitions, I just want
one authoritative one.)

Anybody willing to give it a crack?  The UI of the popup feature from the
mwd search applied to the response from aonaware's dictionary API
DefineInDict request?

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