Hi Thomas,

On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 18:33, Thomas Kobler <z...@mzon.de> wrote:
>   Years ago, the ALLMUSIC search (alm) did stop to work for me (changes on 
> their site?).
>   It didn't help to update to 4.1beta. alm.xml is still dated to 30.08.2002.
>   I'm on XP Sp3 with FF
>   Any hints?

I guess the AllMusic site changed and nobody has taken the time to
adapt the search...

I quickly checked allmusic.com, and the search form looks simple, so
it shouldn't take much work.

Let me see if I can get this fixed. I wish I could offer a new release
soon, but I've run into some problems with the tools we use to build
DQSD, so I can't say when. I'll post a link to a new search if I
manage to get it working.

- Kim

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