Was checking over some things... and noted the following.


First  - www.dqsd.net is dated.  The primary link for download is v4.0.


Below that is the announcement of the 64-bit version available from


http://dqsd.net/new.gifCheck out the latest 4.1 BETA, now with 64-bit
support, at SourceForge
45&release_id=618124> . http://dqsd.net/new.gif


The link for 64-bit goes to:




Three downloads are available on that page:






The link for v4110 is announced as:


Looking for the latest version? Download dqsd-4110.exe (625.2 kB)


Some people following the link from www.dqsd.net for a 64-bit install EXE
might assume dqsd-4100.exe is that 64-bit install kit when it is not.  They
download it, try to install it on Win7 64-bit and discover "DQSD does not
work."  Not exactly good for DQSD's rep.


Only one of the downloads (the ZIP) is 64-bit compatible, correct?.  That is
not made explicitly clear.  i.e.  dqsd-4110.exe should be named
dqsdx86-4110.exe perhaps?


Also the dqsdx64-4110.zip, as in the past, contains no README on the use of
setupx64.  If they do figure it out and use it.... it won't work without
some added tinkering on Win7 or Vista correct?   So again.... "DQSD does not


Not sure who manages dqsd.net but DQSD would be better served if the info on
SourceForge were explicit.


Just sayin'

















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