Alright boys, it's been a while alright!

I have not installed DQSD on my work machines the last 3 to 4 years. 
It's still on my home machine (8 year old xp pro machine) and I don't 
really use if for opening web pages for a couple of reasons:

- it takes about 30 seconds for the command to be processed and a tab to 
open for me
- as well as opening the tab it has been giving a pop up ie error in 
defer_tools.js for ages and I have not tried to trouble shoot that 
because of the time delay mentioned before anyway, in that time I would 
have opened the tab and searched a couple of times over anyway.

That said, Even with the popup error if I have a currency conversion to 
do I use it (e.g. my alias "xese 400" converts 400 from sterling to euro)

Also, I use it for a calculator regularly.

If it was fully functional and worked on windows 7 out of the box like 
it used to work before for me (maybe when my home machine was newer and 
less bloated) I would most definitely use it - I miss it to be honest. 
The alternatives like setting up the browser searches are not as 
powerful I think.

To get some speed back to the home laptop I am thinking about installing 
ubunto on it, so that would mean bye bye dqsd :-(

I have been always hoping to get a mail from someone who has fallen in 
love with the tool and sorted it out and made it relevant again! :-)

Take it easy, Tom.

On 15/11/2013 11:22, Kim Gräsman wrote:
> I've given up on IE and subsequently on DQSD, I haven't used it for a 
> few years... If someone can find and solve the problem, I can try and 
> get the fix in and build a new release, but I don't have time or 
> inclination to pull it myself. - Kim

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