I rarely pay much attention to the analog dial, but more then likely the 
piece of surgical tubing behind the dial skirt has dried up and shrank and will 
need replaced. 
  The frequency display being erratic and counting up on the 15 and 10 meter 
bands is probably due to the 24 vdc voltage from the power supply board being 
low, causing the Low VCO to unlock. There are actually two VCO’s, one for 0 to 
15 mhz, and another for 15 to 30 mhz. The voltage needs to be between 23 and 25 
vdc typically. 
Not sure about about your CW problem, could be several things. I would need 
more info. I have a TR-7 that changes pitch from the start of key down then 
hits 800 hz as it should. I havent dug into it yet but its probably an issue 
with the CW oscillator circuit on the 2nd IF/Audio board. 

73, Gary

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