Drakelist de PA2DW,


Hello fellow Drake-fans. Since last week I am enjoying the use of a L7
amplifier. It is technically in super condition, but cosmetically it needs
some (minor) help.

I am looking for a better strip that covers the meters, both the plastic
(lexan?) strip as the metal one with the logo. Mine has had a dent and
someone tried to correct that in a less professional way.

Another but less important thing is that the meterscales have become
yellowish. If they both would be equally yellow it would be less a problem,
but one is more yellow than the other.

I also recall having seen meterplates of metal, but mine are plastic so that
the light can go through. Has Drake changed that somewhere on the line? My
s/n is 1108


Hope someone has parts or a scrap L7 we can take parts from.


Best 73,


Dick PA2DW


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