A TR-3. RV-3, and AC-3 are in line to be worked on. Would appreciate comments 
on the following: 

1 TR-3 copper chassis underneath is excellent - minor copper 
discoloration/pitting on top of the chassis. What is the most effective way to 
clean the chassis? 

2 The blue USB/LSB filter is by Tyco and is 2.4KC wide. The blue can does not 
resemble the filter photo in the original manual. Is this filter original or a 
replacement by (perhaps) Drake. Wiring is quite professional. 

3 Will the RV-3 operate correctly with the TR-4 - TR4-C series? 

4 The power cable from the TR-3 to AC-3 has been wrapped in a shielded braid 
and may or may not cover the traditional rubber covering. 

5 It does not appear that Drake had a perforated cover over the final cage - 
CAUTION will be the word of the day. 

6 S/N of the AC-3 is 18662 which seems high when compared to the 6271 or the 

Would be receptive to any favorite mods that should be considered. 

Thanks joe k7mks 
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