Hello everyone....
I am moving to FL....
This is my second post regarding the Drake station I have for sale....I am now 
willing to sell these items separately as no one spoke up for the entire 
ALL of these are in excellent + condition and working fine weekly. Chassis are 
super condition. ALL original paint, no re-spray.
1) Drake R-4C with all Sherwood mods except the one for FS-4, Lots of extra 
crystals including WARC bands, Full complement of 2nd IF crystal filters, AND a 
AM filter. 2nd IF are. 1.7 Sherwood filter, 500 and 250 Network Sciences. Also 
a Noise blanker,
Front Panel & cabinet are virtually perfect. S/N 28283

2) Drake T-4XC Excellent condition and working fine. S/N very high 28575. Front 
panel & cabinet virtually perfect.
With trcv cable set.

3) 2 Drake MS-4 speakers excellent condition and sound great. Near perfect 
front panels & cabinets.
$75. each

4) Drake R-4B in superb condition. Excellent & rare shiney copper chassis, 
works well. Top of Cabinet has a couple very small scratches.
Easy to touch up, but I have left it alone.

5) Drake L-4B in excellent cosmetic and operating condition. Has Heathkit shop 
PS upgrade AND I replaced all components Evan recommended when I did the PS 
upgrade a couple years ago. Full output. Used recently and good to go.

I really don't want to ship the amp for obvious reasons, but I will consider it 
at your packing/shipping expense. Pickup is preferred on the amp & will meet 
somewhere not too far??

Postal MO, Cashiers check or cash. Paypal only if sent as personal payment 
(non-product) only on verified accounts & with same shipping address please.

Also, you are welcome to visit to see this equipment. Photos are of course 

Please contact off list....call or e-mail any questions etc...Good in QRZ. I am 
in Columbia City, IN 46725

I sure hope someone wanting top quality Drake equipment gets all this...and I 
will sure miss it!
It took many years to find all this in this condition and I paid a premium to 
get it.


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