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> Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 09:37:18 +0200
> From: Marco Marino <marino....@gmail.com>
> Subject: [DRBD-user] Drbd/pacemaker active/passive san failover
> Hi, I'm trying to build an active/passive cluster with drbd and pacemaker
> for a san. I'm using 2 nodes with one raid controller (megaraid) on each
> one. Each node has an ssd disk that works as cache for read (and write?)
> realizing the CacheCade proprietary tecnology.


just speculating on your controller config - if the CacheCade is used
also for your OS volume, the I/O errors (and/or OS setting its volumes
to R/O) may have kept DRBD and pacemaker from reacting, as they may
need to write to the local disk.

>               local-io-error "/usr/lib/drbd/notify-io-error.sh;
> /usr/lib/drbd/notify-emergency-shutdown.sh; echo o >
> /proc/sysrq-trigger ; halt -f";

possibly the Script notify-io-error.sh was just blocked as it could not
write to the local disk (it wants to send an email).

Perhaps you can restrict CacheCade to the virtual disk you run your drbd
volumes on?

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