2016-10-15 13:56 GMT+02:00 Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <denni...@conversis.de>:
> Keep in mind that it is never possible to be 100% sure that no
> split-brain can occur. You might always run into freak accidents.

Yes, I know. 100% availability is a myth.

> When you say you use bonded interfaces for redundancy are the physical
> ports actually connected to separate switches? For proper redundancy the
> whole network path between the systems must be redundant including any
> switches that sit in between.

I'll use direct connections, without switches between drbd nodes.

Is the 3 node replication fully supported with DRBD 9 ? This should
remove the split brain risks are 3 nodes won't be split brained
(3 or any odd number of nodes)
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