I currently have a three node cluster running 9.0.8 that I have tried upgrading to 9.0.9rc1.

A couple of minutes after I start a KVM VM on one of the nodes, the node becomes unresponsive and reboots. The VM is the third node in the cluster and is configured with no storage and shows as being back on line in the cluster before the node that it is running on goes unresponsive.

I have rolled back to 9.0.8 and all is well again.

On one of the crashes I did manage to catch some "Out of Memory" messages on the console, but the system had around 13G free out of 16G as shown by atop. I have tried increasing vm.min_free_kbytes to 131072 but it made no difference.

All nodes are running up to date CentOS 7.3.

I am happy to provide any additional info that is needed if you let me know what is required.

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