Dear DRBD users

drbdtop is a new utility in the DRBD family that allows live monitoring
the current state of DRBD resources and interacting with these
resources. This started as a hobby/spare time project of two gophers in
the team, but by now it should be useful for regular, and especially not
so regular, users of DRBD.

Some of the features:
- Should work on drbd 8.4 as well as 9. I mainly test it on 9, but
  having it feature complete for 8.4 is certainly a goal. Currently I'm
  only aware that meta-data creation on 8.4 will not work, this will be
  fixed in the next drbd-utils release.

- Provides an overview about the DRBD resources in the system (up and
  down), with health status of the connection, local disks,...

- Searching and filtering of resources

- When pressing a movement-key (or tab), allows the user to gather
  detailed infos, ranging from basically a "drbdsetup status" with extra
  information and hints how to solve the issue, to in-sync progress
  bars, to "dmesg|grep resource".

- Allows to interact with resources like up/down, connect/disconnect,
  adjust, primary/secondary,... This is menu driven

- Multi-selecting resources and then executing commands on the selected
  set (e.g., selecting multiple resources and then adjusting all of

It is a v0.1, don't expect too much ;).

It has a github page[1], pre-built binaries[2], and a project page[3]
with screen shots and additional information. The project page is bit
outdated and does not mention some of the newer features (e.g.,
multi-select), but it should be fine to see how we intended it to work.

Personally, I prefer feedback/patches via mail (drbd-user ML), but
github should be fine as well.

This really needs feedback from users, we developers use DRBD daily and
are confident with the commandline anyways.

Best regards, Hayley and rck

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