This release has a rather big packaging change, per default python3 will
now be used.
The library was ported a long time ago to python3, while still running
python2 per default, but now
as python2 is EoL, we will per default run on python3 now.
Linbit provided packages will still use python2 on rhel/centos7, others
will use python3.

The high level API got a new object for resource groups and as mentioned
last time the storage pool definition commands were removed from the client.

python-linstor 1.0.9
 * High level API resource groups object
 * Removed swordfish support
 * Added resource groups query-max-volume-size


linstor-client 1.0.9
 * Removed storage-pool-definition commands
 * Unhide physical-storage commands
 * Added resource groups query-max-volume-size command
 * Added gross size flag for volume definitions


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