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 Before you start the ethics discussion, I thought I might put this related
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 The Association for the Study of Dreams would like to provide detailed Web
site descriptions of any graduate programs that support dream studies.
Prospective graduate students with interests in dreaming often know very
little about the
range of programs available.  Moreover, these students' advisors often are
unaware of faculty at other universities whose expertise is relevant to
their students' goals.  Consequently, the match between students and
programs is often not optimal. 

We are soliciting descriptions of opportunities for graduate study from as
many universities as possible.  We want to collate those descriptions and
place them on the ASD Web site so that they are widely available and
readily accessible. 
To be successful, this project requires that one contact person provide a
description of the opportunities for graduate study that are available at
his/her institution.  I am hoping that you will be one such contact person. 

If so, please follow the attached guidelines to prepare a description of
the opportunities available for dream studies at your institution.  Please
respond regardless of whether your institution offers an entire program in
dream studies or
whether you individually supervise graduate students in some area of dream
research or scholarship. 

Don Kuiken  is not pursuing this project at the moment, but would like to
see it continue.  

Michael Vannoy-Adams 
1 Washington Square Village 5A 
New York, NY  10012 

John Antrobus 
Department of Psychology 
City College of New York 
NY, NY 10031 

Roseanne Armitage 
University of Texas SW Medical Center 
Department of Psychiatry 
Dallas, TX 75235-9070 

Deirdre Barrett 
Suffolk University 
Psychology Department 
41 Temple St. 
Boston, MA 02114-4280 
(617) 573-8782 

Mark Blagrove 
Department of Psychology 
University of Wales, Swansea 
Singleton Park 
Swansea SA2 8PP 

George Baylor 
Department de psychologie 
University de Montreal 
CP 6128 Succ Centreville 
Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7 

Kathryn Belicki 
Department of Psychology 
Brock University 
St. Catherines ON L3M 3G7 

Mario Bertini, Ph.D. 
Departemento di Psicologia 
Universita Degli Studi de Roma 
via degli Scolopi 19 
00136 Roma 
261-1619 or 449-2449 

Fariba Bogzaran 
21 Almaden Court 
San Francisco, CA 94118 
(415) 454-2793 

Delia Cushway 
University of Birmingham 
School of Psychology 
Birmingham, England 
B15 2BJ 

Joseph De Koninck 
School of Psychology 
University of Ottawa 
Ottawa  KIN 6N5 
(613) 564-9170 

William Dement 
Sleep Research Center 
Stanford University 
701 Welch Road Ste. 2226 
Palo Alto, CA 

Mary-Therese Dombeck 
University of Rochester 
53 Genesee Park Blvd. 
Rochester, NY 14611-4055 

Bill Domhoff 
Department of Psychology 
University of California, Santa Cruz 
Santa Cruz, CA 950640 

Don Donderi 
Dept of Psychology 
McGill University 
Montreal, Canada ????? 

Wendy Doniger 
University of Chicago Divinity School 
Chicago, IL ?????? 

Harry Fiss 
75 Westmont Street 
West Hartford, CT 

James Fosshage 
16 Poplar Road 
Demarest, NJ 07627-1310 

Russell Gruber 
Eastern Illinois University 
Department of Psychology 
Charleston, IL 61920 

Ernest Hartmann 
27 Clark St. 
Newton, MA 02159-2425 

Stephan Hau 
Sigmund Freud Institut 
Myliusstrasse 20 
Frankfurt/Main D-60323 

Clara Hill 
University of Maryland 
Counseling Psychology 
Baltimore, MD  20742 
(301) 405-5791 

J. Allan Hobson 
Harvard Medical School 
74 Fenwood Road 
Boston, MA 02115 
(617) 734-9645 

Don Kuiken 
Department of Psychology 
University of Alberta 
Edmonton, Canada 
T6G 2E9 
Phone: 403 492-8760;  Fax 403 492-1768 

Philip King 
1020 Aoloa Place 410-B 
Kailua, HI 96734 

Roger Knudsen 
705 David Drive 
Oxford, OH 45056 

David Koulack 
University College Room 449 
220 Dysert Road 
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2 

Waud Kracke 
University of Illinois 
Department of Anthropology 
1007 W. Harrison Suite 3102 
Chicago, IL 60607 

Stanley Krippner 
The Saybrook Institute 
450 Pacific Ave 3rd Floor 
San Francisco, CA  94133 
(415) 433-9200 

Ross Levin 
Einstein College of Medicine 
1165 Morris Park Ave. 
Bronx, NY 10461 

Barbara Meier-Faber 
Universitat Zürich, Klinische Psychologie 
Schmelzbergstrasse 40 
Zürich CH-8044 

Tore Nielsen 
Dream & Nightmare Lab 
Hopital Sacre-Coeur 
& Dept. of Psychology 
University de Montreal 
Montreal H4J 1C5 
(514) 338-3350 

Carl W. O'Nell 
University of Notre Dame 
Department of Anthropology 
Notre Dame, IN 46556 

Michael Perlis 
6063 N. Avon Road #1 
Honeoye Falls, NY  14472-8805 

Helene S. Porte 
Department of Psychology 
Cornell University 
216 Uris Hall 
Ithaca, NY 14853 

Raymond Rainville 
Department of Psychology 
SUNY at Oneonta 
Fitzelle Hall 
Oneonta, NY 13820 

Marina Roseman 
1352 Mercedes Drive 
Bloomington, IN  47401 

Carol Rupprecht 
Department. of Comparative Literature 
Hamilton College 
Clinton, NY  13323 

Michael Schredl 
Holderlinstrasse 46 
Mannheim, D-68259 

Alan Siegel 
2607 Alcatraz Avenue 
Berkeley, CA 94705-2702 

Carlyle Smith 
Trent University 
Department of Psychology 
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B8 

Jeremy Taylor 
10 Pleasant Ln. 
San Rafael, CA 94901-5049 

Barbara Tedlock 
Anthropology Department 
Buffalo, NY 

Sybe Terwee 
Leiden University 
Department of Theoretical Psychology 
40 Bellamystraat 
Amsterdam 1053 BM 
The Netherlands 

Hendrika Van de Kemp 
180 N. Oakland Ave. 
Pasadena, CA 91101-1714 

Edwin Verstraeten 
Vrije Universiteit Brussel 
Faculteit Psychologie 
Pleinlaan 2 
Brussels B-1050 

Trevor Watt 
Canisius College 
Amherst, NY  4068 

James Wood 
University of Texas at El Paso 
Department of Psychology 
El Paso, TX 79968 

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