Dear Richard, et al:

Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions about re-wording the "criteria for 
professional dream work training/education" proposal. 

Let me say again, at this stage of the game, it seems much more important to 
me that we come to agreement on what the basic criteria for responsible dream 
work training should be, rather than focussing prematurely on the details of 
a mechanism for "evaluation" of programs with regard to whether or not they 
meet those criteria... To my way of thinking, that's a whole separate 
question - one that we might well address further down the line, (when and if 
we can come to a clean agreement about just what those criteria might be/are 
in the first place.) However you word them, the seven "principles" I have 
tried to articulate seem to me to be the basic ones necessary...

Do you feel like drawing up a second discussion draft incorporating the 
changes in wording and emphasis you think are appropriate?

How do the rest of you feel about this? Do you think these seven principles 
are adequate? Are they sufficient? Are there other points we should we be 

As always,


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