Dear All;

I love it that we have this forum for discussion of Jeremy's timely proposal! 
 It gives us all time for reflection. 
I love Richard's discussion on  the methods of communication, the need for 
defining what is traditional  face-to-face dream work, and feel this is very 
important to look at.  Richard brings a great deal to the discussion with his 
electronic communciations experience and knowledge.
Although I have not been following the details of the discussion as carefully 
as I would like, and plan to look at the principles more closely, I do have 
an immediate response on the projection issue.
As a student and soon-to-be teacher of the Course in Miracles, and a 
long-term student of Buddhism and esoteric religions of all kinds, I come 
into this discussion with a perspective that I would at least like to put 
onto the table.  The Course, as well as many religious traditions, including 
Buddhism, speaks of the projection process as the way the world comes into 
being and continues to roll along.  Projection, even where it may not be 
called such, is such an essential process of how we exist, create and 
experience the world, that I know of no way that it can be separated out from 
the other principles.  The Course might even be paraphrased to say that 
projection is the creation process.   Dreaming as we all know is at its heart 
and soul a creative process, as is the dreamwork.   With all respect to 
Richard, I do agree with Jeremy that projection is a major principle, perhaps 
the quintessential principle, rather than a subtopic, and needs to be kept as 
a principle in this endeavor.
Also respectfully submitted,

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