Dear Jeremy,

  I'm really pleased at how thoroughly your proposal is being reviewed by
the extended family of the education committee.  It's a clear sign to me
that the proposal is addressing a very important aspect of the ASD's
mission.  I have two comments to offer, one substantive and one procedural.

  First, substantively: the discussion about projection is just
fascinating--it makes me think we should have a panel on the topic at the
2000 conference!  But putting that aside, I wonder if we could find a more
inclusive way to state the basic point, to address the concerns of the
people who worry about the theoretical baggage associated with the term
"projection."  Am I right that a more colloquial way of putting the idea
would be something like this: "Dreamwork programs should teach people to be
very careful about imposing their own business on other people's dreams"? 
Whether you call it projection, transference, bad manners, etc., isn't that
the core of it?

  Second, procedurally: The Fall board meeting is at the beginning of
October, and it would be great to have a revised proposal ready by then for
the board to consider.  Would you be willing, Jeremy, to draft a new
proposal that includes the latest round of comments and send it out to the
list for one more look?

  Thanks again for leading the charge on this one,


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