Kelly -

                In Santa Cruz we talked briefly about having some the
honored "elders of dream work" (I use the term for lack of a better one)
participate in some special way at the 2000 conference.  I'd like to pursue
this and a few other rough ideas with you.  I would love your feedback!

*       Have a panel where participants present what they feel are the most
momentous advances and/or biggest changes in dream work in the past 100
years and where they see it heading in the next 100.

*       Have a "bridging the millenniums" panel with people who have been
the backbone of dream research in the past along with those who are picking
up the standard and carrying it on.  What's the same?  What's different?
What are the hopes and concerns?  Where will dream work be 100 years from
now?  We could honor some of our long-time members and be futuristic at the
same time.

*       Institute a "Lifetime Achievement" award to honor people whose work
has spanned a lifetime.  It could be an annual event - like the Lifetime
Achievement awards in Hollywood.  This would be to honor some of our older
members, hopefully during their lifetimes, although it could be
posthumously.  The plaque or trophy or whatever wouldn't have to cost a lot
- but it would be a wonderful way to honor people's contributions over long
periods of time.  Picking the first person would be the hardest part.

*       Create some kind of ASD "time capsule" to be opened in 2010 or
whenever.  Not sure exactly how it would work, but it could be a lot of fun.

                Hope all is gong well with you.  Looking forward to seeing
you at the board meeting.

                All the best -


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