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(In reply to Sergey Kochneff from comment #1)
> You should try kernel 4.12. There is some progress with pwm1_enable: now we
> have not only "1" which is manual control but "0" (full speed) and "2" (this
> should be FW control, although it doesn’t look so for me: fans are still
> spinning and pwm1 reads 0 or 122-124 randomly). Still have to use userspace
> control (mode "1").

I use 4.13.0-041300rc3-generic, but still do not see the differences
"pwm1_enable=1" or "pwm1_enable=2".
4.13.0-041300rc3-generic uses the default "pwm1_enable=2". I still need to run
the daemon for monitoring the temperature and load of voltage relative fan

$ lsb_release -drc
Description:    Ubuntu 17.04
Release:        17.04
Codename:       zesty

$ uname -rso
Linux 4.13.0-041300rc3-generic GNU/Linux

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