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Ok I looked into the bios with an editor and I think I found the root of the
problem. My bios and maybe the others as well, instead of enumerating the
voltage in a standard way (in mV), the use some sort of code which is an
abnormally high number which ( some sort magic code) to set the voltage to an
unspecified number. I looked into several bios and all have the same problem,
the voltage the use is a very big number like 65550 mV which in practice is
impossible to set. The kernel doesn't like that and defaults to a standard
value provided in the bios which in my case is the lower value of 800mV.  And
the kernel in my case won't use those magic values because the bios got
unsigned when I dumped it. My chances are that Gigabyte provides me a good
signed bios or I can edit the bios manually to use normal mV values.

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