--- Comment #5 from Robin Kauffman <> ---
(In reply to Harry Wentland from comment #3)
> Curiously enough this is the first time I've heard of setterm. I'm not sure
> if it's really supported but I tried amdgpu, non-amdgpu (i.e. vbios), and an
> Intel platform and on neither I can get setterm --powersafe on/off to do
> anything, no matter whether in a VT or in X (seems like it's intended for
> VT).
> We do support "xset -display :0.0 dpms force off" when you're in X.

Huh, interesting.  I can't (yet) test 'xset -display :0.0 dpms force off',
since in still having issues bringing X/Wayland up, but that's a separate bug.

No useful output from amdgpu.dc_log=1 and drm.debug=4 set yet, but I'm trying
agd5f's latest push to drm-next-4.17-wip, which has a commit that looks like it
may contain a fix, so we'll see.

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