* Sebastian Reichel <sebastian.reic...@collabora.co.uk> [180208 10:31]:
> Hi,
> These are the remaining patches from my previous patchset to get
> Droid 4 (omap4) display working. The patches have been rebased to
> current master branch from Torvalds (581e400ff935). Since N950
> (omap3) is broken even with the workaround I moved it to the end,
> so that it can be skipped.
> Working on Droid 4:
>  * Framebuffer Console, updated at 1Hz due to blinking cursor
>  * kmstest (static image)
>  * Display blanking
>  * Xorg with omap and modesetting driver
>  * No updates send when nothing needs to be sent
>  * Orientation DRM property is attached to the DSI panel

Great, still works for me :) Seems like the dts change is
safe to merge along with the driver changes once no more
comments. For patches 1 - 7, please feel free to add:

Tested-by: Tony Lindgren <t...@atomide.com>
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