Den 12.02.2018 16.53, skrev Linus Walleij:
On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 3:01 PM, Noralf Trønnes <> wrote:
Den 12.02.2018 14.42, skrev Noralf Trønnes:
Den 12.02.2018 13.40, skrev Linus Walleij:
   -    drm_fb_cma_fbdev_init(dev, 32, 0);
+    drm_fb_cma_fbdev_init(dev, 32, 1);

I forgot to look at the change, and I don't understand how this broke
My wrong.

I had some old codepaths in my out-of-tree stuff (sorry
the only thing that makes the hardware work...).

I was using the old drm_fbdev_cma_init() which isn't
as helpful as the new drm_fb_cma_fbdev_init() but
as the old function is still there it all just "worked"
except for this...

Theres is some confusion with these similarly named
functions :D

Yeah, that's my doing :-/
I have yet to do the final cleanup to remove struct drm_fbdev_cma.
If the generic fbdev emulation that I'm working on turns out good,
then it's possible to entirely drop fbdev code from many drivers.
Hence the waiting.

Sorry for the fuzz, I fixed my patch set to use the new
function now.

No problem.


Let's just drop this patch.

Linus Walleij

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