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(In reply to denisgolovan from comment #0)
> Hi
> Upgrading to 4.15.2 with amdgpu dc results in blinking of color temperature
> when redshift application started. Kernel 4.13.13 worked fine.
> See for
> details

Did you enable AMDGPU DC by changing kernel boot parameters?

(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #1)
> Please attach the output of dmesg captured while the problem is occurring,
> preferably with amdgpu.dc_log=1 .

I tried to capture some dmesg log, but booting with suggested kernel line
amdgpu.dc_log=1 but no output was produced at flickering. Than I realized that
I have to enable amdgpu.dc in order to use it's logging :) and the issue
disappeared. So far after a hour I don't see any flickering anymore.

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