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Since Arch Linux switched to kernel 4.14 for linux-lts (and the standard linux
package is at 4.15), I now have the choice between two kernels which do not
work with my Intel graphics Q35, this gives me quite some motivation to help
fixing this issue. Note that I do not know a real workaround, UXA is not an
option, it crashes regularly, the modesetting driver does not work with my
hardware (it needs at least OpenGL 2.1) and switching off the GPU in Chromium
can mitigate the problem, but it still happens.

I made a bisect using the linux-git kernel from AUR and started where the
bisect from Francesco Turco stopped (its first bad commit contained only hwmon
stuff, but I really expect some i915 code in the first bad commit). I will
attach my bisect log (named git_bisect_log_2.txt). My first bad commit is

[170fa29b14fadf2deb361589cefe6a78b21b1b22] drm/i915: Simplify eb_lookup_vmas()

Some remarks about the bisect: To know if a commit is good or bad, I booted the
kernel and started Chromium with If the graphics was
distorted, I marked it bad. Two commits were not so easy to judge:
"[79364227e6b4923478e99d8480d62482b588ef84] IB/core: Add might_sleep()
annotation to ib_init_ah_from_wc()" did not distort the graphics, but I could
no longer move the mouse pointer (the computer was still controlable via
keyboard), so I marked that commit as good. The second problem commit was near
the end of the bisect procedure "[170fa29b14fadf2deb361589cefe6a78b21b1b22]
drm/i915: Simplify eb_lookup_vmas()" did not show the distortion, but after
browsing, the computer was totally locked up, I had to push the
power button to restart it, so I marked this commit as bad. This is the commit
which is now marked as the first bad, probably the distortion was introduced
later, but the commit before "[c7c6e46f913bb3a6ff19e64940ebb54652033677]
drm/i915: Convert execbuf to use struct-of-array packing for critical fields"
was good. I will probably have a look at some of the later commits to gain more

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