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Yeah, I wasn't sure because I never enabled backtraces before. But it didn't
seem to me that there were many backtraces either. Though I did double check
the patch was applied.

I have X automatically started by systemd/lightdm at boot but the booting
process is slow enough that I can see the wrong colors while the kernel prints
it's stuff for a few seconds. And yes the colors are correct after X starts
when I switch back to consoles with CTRL+ALT+F?.

The failure to compile on HEAD of back then had nothing to do with the patch. I
don't remember exactly where it failed to compile but it was a completely
unrelated source file. It's not like regressions even with stable kernel
releases happen rarely. Right now, I have another Athlon 64 system with an
onboard GeForce card that won't even start X because it can't find
/dev/card/dri0 with kernel 4.15.4 and another more recent AMD A8-something
ThinkPad that OOPSes at boot because of something related to SATA with 4.15.2.

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