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Video which shows the artifacts:
(can also be quite worse when doing stuff)

It happens with every desktop environment with and without enabled OGL
compositor. In the video, it's KDE Plasma on Xorg.
But there is no difference with a Wayland session, the artifacts there are the

You are correct that the display's own edid information doesn't know any other
refreshrate than 59.95Hz.
However, these Korean import display's are very often used with higher
refreshrates because their panels allow this without incompatible scaler in
between. With the old display stack, I can even set 85Hz without any issues.

75Hz is also not very uncommon for some 2560x1440p IPS displays, I suppose
there is the realistic possibility that also displays which have a 2560x1440
75Hz resolution in their original edid are affected by this bug (since the old
stack isn't affected, I'm quite sure it's some kind of bug).

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