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> Just for the fun of it, I did try the amdgpu.gpu_recovery=1 module parameter,
> It seems to detect properly the crash, but fails miserably on the recovery.
> The screens blanks and the whole system is unusable: Leds stop blinking, ssh
> does not work... I need to hard reset the system.
> Thanks!

job timeout message is expected since you indeed have a hanged pipe
GPU recovery failure on CZ is expected since it's another issue we have with 
GPU pci config reset hard hang ( I am looking at this also) 

I suggest you try to be latest on everything to see if this still happens. 
So you already on latest kernel, now pick up latest firmware we have from this
Take all the carrizo* files and override the ones you have under you kernel
(usally in /lib/firmware`uname -r`/amdgpu or in kernel specific folder under

I think you already updated your  libdrm/MESA/LLVM but you LLVM is still 5.0
right ? Can you try switching to LLVM 7

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