Bug ID: 105379
           Summary: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition under Wine fails to
           Product: Mesa
           Version: git
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
                OS: Linux (All)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Drivers/Gallium/radeonsi
        QA Contact:

Created attachment 137850
Wine log with Mesa git

The Witcher run under Wine fails to launch. Essentially, it hangs indefinitely
before any video output but the game can be closed with Ctrl-C, and no ill
effects are seen otherwise. Reverting commit
b650fc09c3a35ca624aad5fe4b5c34867708f116 in Mesa works around the issue. The
game also works fine with a Nvidia 980ti and 390.25 binary drivers.

Hardware: Radeon RX 550
Software: 4.15.6 kernel [DC=0], Mesa git, Wine 3.3

Commit message:

commit b650fc09c3a35ca624aad5fe4b5c34867708f116                                 
Author: Nicolai Hähnle <>                                
Date:   Sun Oct 22 17:38:42 2017 +0200

    radeonsi: fix potential use-after-free of debug callbacks

    Found by inspection.

    Reviewed-by: Marek Olšák <>

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