--- Comment #6 from Marta Löfstedt <> ---
I now found this to be even stranger than anticipated:

checking the i915_FBC_state while running kms tests I have ended up way to many
states for this to be sane:
After reboot:
FBC enabled
Compressing: yes

after killing lightdm:
FBC disabled: framebuffer not tiled or fenced

after running some kms tests:
FBC disabled: frontbuffer write
FBC disabled: no suitable CRTC for FBC
FBC disabled: FBC enabled (active or scheduled)
FBC worker scheduled on vblank 154675, now 154675

My recent idea was to set a warn on disabled:
+       if (strstr(buf, "FBC disabled: "))
+         {
+           igt_warn("%s\n", buf);
+           igt_assert(true);
+         }

This would result in the WARN result if FBC was disabled. This would not save
any runtime, but it should stop the confusion if the test failed due to timeout
or if due to FBC being disable.

However, when testing above on a SKL NUCi5 system I always end up with WARN on
all tests.

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