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Hi Again-
    Well, after (repeatedly) breaking the Law of Sysadminning (changing more
than one thing at a time), and upgrading userland (including, but sadly not
limited to, the 3D stack) as well as the kernel, I have a working desktop, and
what little I can divine from where I ended up is that it may well *not* have
been RadeonSI/libdrm/AMDGPU at fault to begin with (almost labeled the
resolution NOTOURBUG, but the probability that there might have been some
slight issue with things actually pertaining to the RadeonSI/AMDGPU graphics
driver is to my mind nonzero, even if scant).
    I unfortunately neglected to bisect the kernel driver (or parts of
userland) to see if I could get things working by going back in time and seeing
if there was some commit somewhere that broke things (at least for my
already-rickety userland).  Such a commit may well exist, but going back to try
to find it would be a lengthy endeavor, and given that things more-or-less work
for me now, the motivation for doing so has all but dried up.
    If someone wants to follow-up with a likely cause for the kernel complaint
I *did* see earlier, by all means do so, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I
likely made things Not Work by having a haphazard and semi-out-of-date userland
(in this case, *outside* of libdrm/LLVM/Clang/Mesa/etc).
    Thanks, and apologies for any time sunk on anyone else's behalf trying to
suss this one out.

        -Robin K.

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