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(In reply to Harry Wentland from comment #34)
> DC seems to take channel_count/audio_count to refer to the actual number of
> channels whereas the CEA EDID extension and our HW represent it as the
> number of channels-1. So as not to break other uses of this count (such as
> check_audio_bandwidth_hdmi()) this patch adds 1 when we get the count from
> the EDID.
> Can someone give it a spin? It's based on the latest amd-staging-drm-next
> branch but should apply on other branches as well.

Just tested it on a fresh amd-staging-drm-next and it is also working. All
audio formats are working correctly. *thumbs up*

Could this be backported to 4.15 / 4.16 as it actually is a simple bug fix?


I think your issue is unrelated to this one. I get that too occasionally, but
it has nothing to do with the wrong channel count in this bug.

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