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Looks like the assigning didnt work?
Did that now, I hope you dont mind.

Honestly I dont understand why Intel isnt affected. As far as I understood the
old problem: mesa basically treats OpenGL spec right but nvidia was faster
implementing it thus created a de-facto standard.
Now porting companys agree its wrong but dont want to change treatment because
80% of their users using nvidia binary blob.
To circumvent the problem, a override was created. Fixing the issue for radeon.
I mean, I understand that the RadeonSI NIR port doesnt respect the dri override
yet. But I dont understand that Intel isnt using the dri override at all. Which
would mean that if Intel treats the opengl spec in the same way like RadeonSI
did but doesnt make use of the override, the problems in those games still
appear for Intel users.

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