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Don't think I have since I don't know what it is.

So since it failed with LLVM 7 that not the problem then. 

We can try again getting more detailed logs from SAME hang as following -

sudo umr -O verbose,follow_ib -R gfx[0:2047]
sudo umr -O bits -wa
sudo umr -O many,bits  -r*.gfx80.mmGRBM_STATUS
sudo umr -O many,bits  -r *.gfx80.HEADER_DUMP
sudo umr -O many,bits  -r *.gfx80.CP_EOP

This way addresses from ring
Dump can be related to reg values.

On user mode side run X with env var GALLIUM_DDEBUG=1000 and get resulting
~/ddebug_dumps/ files 


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