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> (In reply to Germano Massullo from comment #20)
> > I experienced the problem with both of them.
> Did you check in Firefox about:support (look for "Driver Version") that it
> was actually using your self-built Mesa?
> BTW, I notice a lot of messages like
>  [GFX1-]: ClientLayerManager::BeginTransaction with IPC channel down. GPU
> process may have died.
> in the Firefox output you attached. Have you contacted Firefox folks about
> whether those are harmless, or how to get more information about them?

You are right. There were a ton of such messages, plus other messages
concerning load failures of radeonsi, and other libraries.
about:support contained so many errors, that I was surprised I even had the
opportunity to use Firefox for many days.

Since the libraries were available in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH, I tried to run

$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH='foo/mesa_n_version/usr/lib64/'
LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH='foo/mesa_n_version/usr/lib64/dri' firefox

instead of

$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH='foo/mesa_n_version/usr/$LIB/'
LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH='foo/mesa_n_version/usr/$LIB/dri' firefox

and I got no errors except for those few lines.

(/usr/lib64/firefox/firefox:8582): dconf-WARNING **: Unable to open
/var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/dconf/profile/user: Permission denied
ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.
[Child 8509, MediaPlayback #5] WARNING: Decoder=7fa5623cf400
state=DECODING_METADATA Decode metadata failed, shutting down decoder: file
line 372
[Child 8509, MediaPlayback #5] WARNING: Decoder=7fa5623cf400 Decode error:
line 3365

about:support is fine too.

I don't know why $LIB caused such problems to Firefox in Fedora 27.
I am actually testing again both Mesa 17.0.5 and 18.0.0

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