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> I have coreboot. So I do not have the typical menu.
> I have an FPGA writing to the main memory, and that could not happen if
> iommu is enabled without extra configuration.
>  If you can tell me which register to look for we can be 100% sure.

I took a bettong board here in office, booted it  while pressing ESC, goes into
BIOS, then choosing Chipest->GFX Configuration->IOMMU En/Dis

But i guess you mean you have coreboot INSTEAD of standard BIOS like i have, 

So at least you sure you have the following disabled  as in this link -

IOMMU Hardware Support disabled in make menuconfig and also you boot the kernel
with iommu=off ?

If so I assume you indeed have IOMMU disabled and then I will try later to
again reproduce your issue with Bettong board I just found because before I was
reproducing with a different CZ board.


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