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On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 7:25 PM, Maxime Ripard <maxime.rip...@bootlin.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is an preliminary version of the MIPI-DSI support for the Allwinner
> SoCs.
> This controller can be found on a number of recent SoCs, such as the
> A31, A33 or the A64.
> Given the sparse documentation, there's a number of obscure areas, but
> the current implementation has been tested with a 4-lanes DSI panel on
> an A33.
> The support is a bit rough around the edges at the time, and some artifacts
> are still shown on the screen for some reasons. Wider testing with
> different display will hopefully nail those down.
> Let me know what you think,
> Maxime
> Changes from v2:
>   - Added a ports node under the DSI node
>   - Changed the huarui panel driver to an ili9881c driver
>   - Changed the panel vendor to bananapi
>   - Made the init table static in the panel driver
>   - Dropped the huarui vendor patch for the DT doc.
> Changes from v1:
>   - Rebased on 4.16-rc1
>   - Constified a few function arguments and structures
>   - Reworked the DT binding example a bit
>   - Reworked the panel driver to check for DSI return codes, and use DCS
>     helpers when possible
> Maxime Ripard (7):
>   drm/sun4i: tcon: Add TRI finish interrupt for vblank
>   dt-bindings: display: Add Allwinner MIPI-DSI bindings
>   drm/sun4i: Add Allwinner A31 MIPI-DSI controller support
>   dt-bindings: panel: Add the Ilitek ILI9881c panel documentation
>   drm/panel: Add Ilitek ILI9881c panel driver
>   arm: dts: sun8i: a33: Add the DSI-related nodes
>   [DO NOT MERGE] arm: dts: sun8i: bpi-m2m: Add DSI display

Any dependencies for this series on linux-next? it is not applying directly.

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