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The symptoms are typical for shader infinite loop, followed by botched driver
restart. Definitely not Wine fault.

Does the bug still happen with current mesa3d+llvm?

While the game is free, it would still be good idea if you can create an
apitrace recording of a place where the game crashes. Ask in #d3d9 at
irc.freenode about the ftp access, or use google drive or similar file sharing.
(We might use the trace for regression testing in future).
It might be good idea if you also fill bugreport to the github Ixit/Mesa-3D
issue tracker.

I usually place the apitrace wrapper d3d9.dll inside the game directory (main
or where game.exe is). Then using `winecfg` add library override for "d3d9" to
be "native, built-in".
If everything goes well, the wrapper would create a new trace inside the game
directory every time the game is started. So don't forget to remove it when you
are done.

Naturally, use working mesa3d version for the trace. Then install new version
of mesa and check if the trace crashes.

If you can compile mesa3d on your own, you might be able to help narrow down
the problem further. I cannot do that, since my card is using the R600 driver,
so it is very unlikely to have the same shader miscompilation.

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