--- Comment #13 from Joonas Sarajärvi <> ---
I can test this week.

In my opinion, leaving this a WONTFIX would be quite unfortunate, because as
far as I know, the free AMD GPU drivers are pretty much the only way to run
X-Plane reasonably well without proprietary drivers. The more applications a
driver can succesfully run, the more useful it is. The more useful the driver,
the more likely users will use it and thus the more likely developers will
actually bother testing on that driver.

Right now I would expect this driver to be really uncommon among X-Plane users
despite it actually being capable of running that program pretty well. If
X-Plane did work out of the box, the number could be much greater.

Leaving this as WONTFIX will just contribute to the status quo where most
X-Plane users run the program with proprietary drivers.

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