Stefan Schake <> writes:

> The hardware has a single block for applying a CTM prior to gamma lut.
> It can be fed with pixels from one of our CRTC at a time and uses a
> matrix with S0.9 scalars. Use private atomic state to reject attempts
> from userland to apply CTM for more than one CRTC at a time and reject
> matrices with scalars that we can't approximate without integer bits.
> Signed-off-by: Stefan Schake <>
> ---
> v3: New in the series

Patch 2-3 get my r-b, and I've sent Stefan a small series of fixups for
the modeset locking as was patiently explained to me by danvet.  With
that, it'll have my r-b, and hopefully danvet can confirm that it's what
he meant :)

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