On Tue, 3 Dec 2019 at 10:04, Thomas Zimmermann <tzimmerm...@suse.de> wrote:
> This patchset cleans up drm_pci.{c,h}. Patch 1 removes drm_pci.c from
> non-PCI builds. Declarations of legacy functions are hidden in drm_legacy.h
> and their implementation is protected by CONFIG_PCI in patch 2. The rest
> of the patches replace unnecessary include statements for drm_pci.h. Most
> of the source files only require <linux/pci.h>.
> The pathset was built on x86-64 and aarch64 with PCI support and arm
> without PCI support.
> Thomas Zimmermann (12):
>   drm/pci: Only build drm_pci.c if CONFIG_PCI is set
>   drm/pci: Hide legacy PCI functions from non-legacy code
>   drm/ast: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/i810: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/mga: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/mgag200: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/r128: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/radeon: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/savage: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/sis: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/tdfx: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
>   drm/via: Don't include <drm/drm_pci.h>
Slightly leaning about getting 01 <> 02 swapped, but regardless the series is:
Reviewed-by: Emil Velikov <emil.veli...@collabora.com>

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