This patch series applies to the Cadence SD0801 PHY driver. Cadence SD0801 PHY 
is Torrent PHY driver for Display Port.Torrent PHY is a multiprotocol PHY 
supporting PHY 
configurations including Display Port,USB and PCIe. 
This patch series first adds display port configuration then updates the driver 
to make
it a generic Torrent driver and finally adds SoC platform dependent 

The patch series has 15 patches which applies the changes in the below sequence 
1.  001-phy-cadance-dp-Add-DisplayPort-configuration-options
This patch adds generic DisplayPort API for configuring PHY.The parameters 
configured are
link rate, number of lanes, voltage swing and pre-emphasis.
2. 002-dt-bindings-phy-Convert-Cadence-MHDP-PHY-bindings-to-YAML
This patch converts the MHDP PHY device tree bindings to yaml schemas 
3. 003-phy-cadence-dp-Rename-to-phy-Cadence-Torrent
Rename Cadence DP PHY driver from phy-cadence-dp to phy-cadence-torrent 
4. 004-phy-cadence-torrent-Adopt-Torrent-nomenclature
Update private data structures, module descriptions and functions prefix to 
5. 005-phy-cadence-torrent-Add-wrapper-for-PHY-register-access
Add a wrapper function to write Torrent PHY registers to improve code 
6. 006-phy-cadence-torrent-Add-wrapper-for-DPTX-register-access
Add wrapper functions to read, write DisplayPort specific PHY registers to 
improve code
7. 007-phy-cadence-torrent-Refactor-code-for-reusability
Add separate function to set different power state values.
Use of uniform polling timeout value. Check return values of functions for 
error handling.
8. 008-phy-cadence-torrent-Add clock bindings 
Add Torrent PHY reference clock bindings. 
9. 009-phy-cadence-torrent-Add-19.2-MHz-reference-clock-support
Add configuration functions for 19.2 MHz reference clock support.Add register 
for SSC support.
10. 010-phy-cadence-torrent-Add-phy-lane-reset-support
Add reset support for PHY lane group.
11. 011-phy-cadence-torrent-Implement-phy-configure-APIs
Add PHY configuration APIs for link rate, number of lanes, voltage swing and 
pre-emphasis values.
12. 012-phy-cadence-torrent-Use-regmap
Use regmap for accessing Torrent PHY registers. Update register offsets. 
Abstract address 
calculation using regmap APIs.
13. 013-phy: cadence-torrent-Use-regmap-to-read-and-write-DPTX-PHY-registers
Use regmap to read and write DPTX specific PHY registers.
Add a new compatible string used for TI SoCs using Torrent PHY.
15. 015-phy-cadence-torrent-Add-platform-dependent-initialization-structure
Add platform dependent initialization data for Torrent PHY used in TI's J721E 

Swapnil Jakhade (8):
  phy: cadence-torrent: Adopt Torrent nomenclature
  phy: cadence-torrent: Add wrapper for PHY register access
  phy: cadence-torrent: Add wrapper for DPTX register access
  phy: cadence-torrent: Refactor code for reusability
  phy: cadence-torrent: Add 19.2 MHz reference clock support
  phy: cadence-torrent: Add PHY lane reset support
  phy: cadence-torrent: Implement PHY configure APIs
  phy: cadence-torrent: Use regmap to read and write DPTX PHY registers

Yuti Amonkar (7):
  phy: Add DisplayPort configuration options
  dt-bindings:phy: Convert Cadence MHDP PHY bindings to YAML.
  phy: cadence-dp: Rename to phy-cadence-torrent
  dt-bindings: phy: phy-cadence-torrent: Add clock bindings
  phy: cadence-torrent: Use regmap to read and write Torrent PHY
  dt-bindings: phy: phy-cadence-torrent: Add platform dependent
    compatible string
  phy: cadence-torrent: Add platform dependent initialization structure

 .../devicetree/bindings/phy/phy-cadence-dp.txt     |   30 -
 .../bindings/phy/phy-cadence-torrent.yaml          |   66 +
 drivers/phy/cadence/Kconfig                        |    6 +-
 drivers/phy/cadence/Makefile                       |    2 +-
 drivers/phy/cadence/phy-cadence-dp.c               |  541 ------
 drivers/phy/cadence/phy-cadence-torrent.c          | 1824 ++++++++++++++++++++
 include/linux/phy/phy-dp.h                         |   95 +
 include/linux/phy/phy.h                            |    4 +
 8 files changed, 1993 insertions(+), 575 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/phy/phy-cadence-dp.txt
 create mode 100644 
 delete mode 100644 drivers/phy/cadence/phy-cadence-dp.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/phy/cadence/phy-cadence-torrent.c
 create mode 100644 include/linux/phy/phy-dp.h


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