On 02/12/2019 14:36, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
Hi Tomi,

Thank you for the patch.

On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 10:03:43AM +0200, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:
cec4fa7511ef7a73eb635834e9d85b25a5b47a98 ("drm/omap: use refcount API to
track the number of users of dma_addr") changed omap_gem.c to use
refcounting API to track dma_addr uses.  However, the driver only tracks
the refcounts for non-contiguous buffers, and the patch didn't fully
take this in account.

After the patch, the driver always decreased refcount in omap_gem_unpin,
instead of decreasing the refcount only for non-contiguous buffers. This
leads to refcounting mismatch.

As for the contiguous cases the refcount is never increased, fix this
issue by returning from omap_gem_unpin if the buffer being unpinned is

How about adding a Fixes line ?

Fixes: cec4fa7511ef ("drm/omap: use refcount API to track the number of users of 

Thanks! I'll add the fixes line.


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